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Chris Brennan

Operating Partner


Chris Brennan was the CEO of SLI Systems.  Chris has over 30 years of broad experience in technology management, senior leadership, and entrepreneurial roles. His diverse leadership background spans from pre-IPO startups to multinational corporations with revenue in excess of one billion dollars.  Chris is the former CEO and Chairman of SaaS security vendor NetAuthority; CEO of cloud services provider Contactual; and CEO of enterprise software vendor LogLogic. In addition Chris was on the executive teams of Banter, Roamware/Mobilium, Genesys Telecommmunications, Diamond Lane, UB Networks, Tandem and DEC. During his career Chris has successfully raised more than $100 million in capital and created nearly $2 billion in shareholder value. As CEO or part of the EMT, Chris has taken six companies through successful exits.

Chris has a BSC in Economics and Finace from the University of Louisville.  

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