Arjun Gupta

Chief Believer


Arjun Gupta is the Chief Believer and Founder of TeleSoft Partners.


Over the last 30 years, Arjun has overseen investing in and helping build over 100+ technology companies, of which over 60+ companies have gone public or been acquired, with a cumulative market value of $1+ trillion. Examples of direct investments include Cerent, Cisco, DocuSign, Groupon, Facebook, Omnipoint/T-Mobile USA, Palantir, Salesforce and others.  In addition examples of indirect companies, through new funds in which Arjun invested, include AirBnB, Docker, Slack, Stripe, Twilio, Twitter, Uber and others. 


Arjun is a passionate outdoorsman and has been on ski expeditions to the North and the South Poles. He served as a Liaison Officer for the Indian Mountaineering Foundation with four international Himalayan expeditions to peaks over 20,000 feet. 


Arjun received his MBA from Stanford University, a MS and BS in Computer Science (Phi Beta Kappa) from WSU, and a BA (Honors) in Economics from St. Stephen's College. He is a Henry Crown Fellow at the Aspen Institute and an Advanced Leadership Fellow at Harvard University. Arjun lives in Aspen, Colorado.